Three Places For Peace & Quiet In Jacksonville + A Brewery

How would you like to start off your trip in Jacksonville FL? You have so many choices when it comes to things to do in River City. The population of Jacksonville is nearing a million, and the metro area is even larger. I’ve got four wonderful attractions picked out for you. You might want to add them to your list of places to visit when you get to Jacksonville FL.

On Milcoe Road in JAX is one of the top attractions, Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens. The trails are well-marked, and there are plenty of them. This is your chance to see the flora and fauna that you are going to find in the city of Jacksonville. It’s also a quiet and peaceful place to spend some time. You’re going to be entangled in the busy city enough while you’re visiting different places. Perhaps it’s time to unwind a little.

Next it’s time to get some exercise. In all seriousness, another place to take a nature walk is Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail. And boy is there plenty trail mileage waiting for you. People love to go biking there, too, because the trails are so long. This area of JAX used to be a railway line as its name suggests. It is a safe place without vehicles and 14.5 miles is the length of the trail.

After all that time out in nature, do you feel like relaxing and enjoying a cold brew? Enjoy a nice brown ale and other great craft beers when you stop by Bold City Brewery. It is located on Rosselle Street, and two of the suggestions to try according to reviews are 1901 and the Killer Whale. With names like that, it makes you wonder what you’re in for, an adventure for sure.

I mentioned the Fort Caroline National Memorial in another article. You might want to group your visit there with this next attraction, Timucuan Ecological & Historical Preserve. You get to discover more Native American history when you stop by this preserve, and that goes right along with the memorial and museum at Fort Caroline. In fact, this preserve is on the same road, Fort Caroline Road.

Discover some of Jacksonville’s best attractions when you add these places to your list. The city of Jacksonville is enormous, and it’s not like you can go many places where there is peace and quiet. I’ve provided three of the choices you have in this article, along with a nice brewery for downtime.